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Our vision 

Become the top digital intelligent equipment integrator in the new energy industry, help battery manufacturers build digital future unmanned factories, and help China's new energy products to benefit the green world!

Our mission

Improve the quality and reduce the cost of new energy manufacturing, continue to innovate, and do a better understanding of battery technology equipment manufacturers!
Not only to make a good device, but also to make a good battery equipment manufacturers.


High efficiency



Good faith


Enterprise New Set Sail

Private board, Decision-making Committee will be built, and introducing
the independent director
Became Beijing University specify the practice base project of enterprise
leaders transformation and breakthrough'
Into Beijing University HSBC nspection about PLC leadership.Center enterprise
Start new third edition listing plan
Cultivating professional integration services gene .innovative business model to implement
Beijing printed label committee designated industry standards of pressure die cutting machine

Corporate Culture

With technicalserviceasthe core value,With employee value as the foundation.constantly create more social value,to achieve maximum enterprise value,continuously make employees and partners enjoy the enterprise achievement and thevalue of eauity.

Corporate mission

Initiated professional integrated service provider ofdie-cutting machine industry into market segment and constantly industry keep leading position in this industry.With partners led the market demand,and constantly satisfied the market potential demand. 

Corporate Vision

Constantly lead and satisfy the market demand ,become the industry leader of segments industry.
Constantly create national brand effect,Come true the Chinese dream of rich corporate and power China.

Corporate target

Through the enterprise gene transformation and restructuring and listing, realize the value of equity. TO cultivate enterprise scale effect in five years:To form the cluster effectof channel platform in ten years.On the basis of keeping the industry leading,To form of the enterprises scale ofthe annual sales income is more than 2.5bilion.

Support Services

YiXinfeng has a professional after-sales service team with high diathesis. It provides the cost price lifetime after-sales service afteri the guarantee period for new and old customers. Now, we formed an afer-salas service net work that radiated all over the word for the center with HQ in DongGuan. For the center with KunShan,we Established the KunShan office and radiated the whole rangtze Delta. Established ShanDong office for the center with ShangDong and radiated the Bohai bay economic circle,Also.we established a west market in Changging for the center with ChengDu and ChongQing.We have and expatrate after-sales team that aim at our products exported to US. Brazil, Indonesia, India, Vietnamese, Malaysia, Turkey, HongKong, TaiWan, Japan, Russia etc, international market.

Team Spirit

YiXinfeng team in the role of team spirit.team members care For each oter,help each other. showing a sense of ownership care team,And efforts to maintain the team's collective conscious honor,consciously overall reputation of the team is important to constrain their behavior ,So that the team Spiritual power company to become free and full development. Yi Xinfeng tearns so that each team member to display high morale and inspirea staff For theinitiative to forma collective consciousness.
common values,high morale,solidarity.team members will voluntarily self-Own talents to Contribute to he team.but also give themselves a more comprehensive development.

Production site


Industry-University-Research Collaboration

Relying on a strong engineering research and development team, rigorous quality management, rapid innovation ability, and relying on domestic research institutes and universities, Yixinfeng has created a number of product patents and "Yixinfeng" brand on the basis of the introduction of advanced technology from Japan, South Korea and Germany.

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Future technology

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Outlook for the next three years