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Cylindrical lithium battery

Cylindrical Lithium Batteryyixinfeng

Cylindrical cell whole line solution is suitable for the whole line production and manufacturing of cylindrical batteries as well as battery testing work. Battery production consists of three sections: the front section consists of mixing, coating, roll splitting, die cutting and other equipment, mainly to complete the production of pole piece; the middle section consists of winding, assembly, baking, liquid injection and other equipment, mainly to complete the production of batteries; the rear section consists of chemical formation, capacity separation, OCV, sorting, stand-up logistics and other components, mainly to complete the process of battery activation and capacity sorting and other processes.

Advantageous featuresyixinfeng

Modularized design of the whole line is compatible with a variety of specifications of cylindrical batteries.
Self-developed customized MES system and intelligent logistics and warehousing system.
Intelligent, efficient, flexible, stable and safe production can be realized.