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Soft pack aluminum-plastic film

It is suitable for the automatic and large-scale production of soft pack battery modules of various specifications.


1.Full process detection and control, including incoming material state detection, force level detection, welding quality detection, electrical performance detection, sealing detection, outgoing detection, customized process parameter monitoring, etc., and feedback processing;
2. Aluminum-plastic film is bent three times and heated to set the shape, the mechanism is convenient to change the shape, servo control the size of the pole lug cutting, and configure the leveling mechanism, and the size of the raw edge after cutting is ≤ 0.05mm;
3. The module stacking station is equipped with side shaping mechanism to prevent the skewing of the core, combined with contour detection sensor to detect the alignment of the stacked cores;
4. The laser welding process of outer frame and pole lugs adopts follower welding compression technology, which greatly improves the quality of laser welding and effectively reduces the requirement of laser power;
5. Realize the information intercommunication between various equipments and components in the production line through the bus control technology to ensure the reliability and expandability of the control system.