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Product leadership

Product leadership is our core competitiveness in the global market, and technological innovation is the vitality of our continuous breakthroughs. Yixinfeng has a high-level, high professional, high standard non-standard equipment technology research and development team, the research and development team accounted for more than 35.82%, in 2023 invited the United States Massachusetts Institute of Technology robotics professional doctor set up a doctor workstation in Guangdong Province. Annual R&D investment accounts for 8% of total sales.


R&D Team

Yixinfeng relies on a strong engineering research and development team, rigorous quality management, rapid innovation ability, and relies on domestic research institutes and universities, in the introduction of Japan, South Korea, Germany advanced technology on the basis of creating a number of product patents and "Yixinfeng" brand.

MES Systemrqr

MES System

Yixinfeng has deep strategic cooperation with Yunxun to create high-end digital products suitable for future unmanned factories. Yunxun has been deeply engaged in the digital industry for 13 years.
The MES system works with advanced sensing technology and robots to achieve seamless process control and data connection. Comprehensively improve efficiency and reduce labor costs, and rapidly iterate technology.

One-Stop Solutionf6s

One-Stop Solution

Yixinfeng provides one-stop solutions, has a senior battery factory space design team, 60% of China's large battery factories are designed by the team
In the front, in the back, high-quality equipment suppliers are united, and the whole line output is faster and better than the head enterprise.
According to customer needs to provide equipment configuration selection, domestic senior experts, technical consultants, technical output, door-to-door installation training, so that battery manufacturing is simple and wordless.
Yixin Fengzhi has become the top digital intelligent equipment integrator in the new energy industry, helping battery manufacturers build digital future unmanned factories, and helping China's new energy products to benefit the green world!

Cooperative clients

Welcome to cooperate with us for mutual benefit