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About Us

Guangdong Yixinfeng Intelligent Equipment Co., LTD. (Stock code: 839073) Founded in 2000, is a professional R & D and manufacturing power lithium battery equipment of the national high-tech enterprises, national specialized special new small giant enterprises, national intellectual property advantages enterprises, in 2017 set up Guangdong Province Engineering Center, The proportion of R & D personnel accounts for 35.82% of the total number of the company, and in 2023, we invited a doctor of robotics from Massachusetts Institute of Technology to set up a doctor workstation in Guangdong Province.

What We Do

In recent years, the company continues to increase research and development efforts, research and development investment accounted for 8% of the total sales. At present, the main products are: laser winding and leveling machine (4680 large cylinder), laser die-cutting laminated machine (blade battery), laser die-cutting and slitting machine, logistics system, MES system and other core equipment of the whole factory and pilot line, small test line equipment solutions. We can provide customers with whole plant planning and design and new energy whole line solutions.

about us

Introduction To Subsidiaries

Dongguan Huachuang Intelligent Equipment Co., LTD., belongs to Guangdong Yixinfeng intelligent equipment Co., LTD
Division, focus on die-cutting one-stop service, located in the international manufacturing city of Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, Daojiao town.
The company specializes in providing die-cutting equipment for electronics, communications, home appliances, medical, flexible circuit boards and other related industries. Relying on strong technology development and quality management, on the basis of the introduction of Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and other high-tech and equipment, innovative research and development of a number of patents.

Product Production

The main products of the company: automatic CNC die-cutting machine, multi-function precision composite machine, high-precision no-scratch slitting machine, sheet single die cutting machine, high-precision microcomputer cutting machine, multi-station round knife machine, CCD positioning die-cutting machine, polarizer packaging machine and other related equipment and spare parts. Mainly used in the production and technical solutions of protective film, flexible circuit board, post-printing positioning die cutting, optical adhesive, backlight, viscose products, polarizing plate cutting, mobile phone accessories, insulation sheets, clothing accessories, automotive tape, foam and other products.

We Are Worldwide

The company spirit of "integrity-based, the pursuit of excellence, dedicated service, excellence" of the professional spirit, and strive for innovation and development, and constantly train excellent professionals, can be faster, more professional, more sincere at any time to provide you with better service.

Products cover the Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta, East China, North China, as well as Southeast Asia and other regional countries.

The company has won the title of "Achievement Transformation excellent top Project Award", "Guangdong Province Private science and Technology Enterprise Certification", "Dongguan Patent Cultivation Enterprise", and has obtained a number of patents in die cutting technology.