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Slitter (high speed, low speed)

Core Segment Product Series

Slitter (high speed, low speed)

Functional features:

High speed slitting machine with good stability, speed up to 120M/min or more;

Servo tension control system, tension stability, tension range 10-100N, fluctuation range 3%;

Slitting width CCD detection closed-loop feedback control system, width accuracy up to ± 0.3mm;


    Slitting machine, also known as slitting machine, slitter or slitting line, is a designation for metal slitting equipment. This equipment is mainly used to carry out the longitudinal shearing work of metal strips and can rewind the slit narrow strips into rolls. The slitting machine is characterized by easy operation, high cutting quality, high material utilization and stepless speed regulation of cutting speed.

    The slitting machine mainly consists of uncoiling (unwinding), leading material positioning, slitting longitudinal shear, winding (winding) and other parts. According to different materials and needs, the slitting machine can be categorized into simple metal slitting machine, hydraulic semi-automatic metal slitting machine and fully automatic metal slitting machine. In addition, based on the actual size specification of the material, it can be further subdivided into thin material metal slitting machine, medium-thick material metal slitting machine and thick material metal slitting machine.
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    The equipment has the following advantages:
    I. Efficient cutting, multi-purpose
    The slitting machine adopts advanced cutting technology, which can quickly and accurately complete the cutting of various materials. Whether it is metal, plastic or paper, the slitting machine can handle it easily. Meanwhile, its efficient cutting speed greatly shortens the production cycle and improves productivity.
    Second, precise control, quality assurance
    Equipped with a precise control system, the slitting machine can accurately control the cutting size and speed. This not only ensures product quality, but also reduces material waste. For enterprises pursuing high-quality products, the slitting machine is undoubtedly the best choice.
    Third, simple operation and easy maintenance
    The operation of the slitting machine is very simple, only need simple training to get started. At the same time, its rugged structure makes maintenance very easy. This greatly reduces the training costs and maintenance costs of the enterprise.
    Fourth, environmental protection and energy saving, green production
    The slitting machine is designed with full consideration of the needs of environmental protection and energy saving. Its low noise, low energy consumption makes the enterprise in the production process can reduce the impact on the environment, to achieve green production.
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