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Yixinfeng: The summer solstice has arrived, and all things thrive together.


Yixinfeng: The summer solstice has arrived, and all things thrive together.


The hot sunshine shines directly on the Tropic of Cancer, and the northern hemisphere gladly welcomes the longest day of daylight - the summer solstice.


This festival, full of vigor and vitality, comes by appointment.


On this special day, the power of nature climbs to the peak, and everything in the world unreservedly shows its full of vitality and infinite vigor. In Yixinfeng, we also deeply realize this exciting and upward atmosphere, which is like a powerful engine that drives us to go forward and pursue excellence unremittingly.


The summer solstice is undoubtedly a time of hope and dreams.


In ancient times, people would worship the gods on this day, praying with all their hearts for a good harvest and peace.


Nowadays, although this kind of ceremony is no longer held, we can still draw the power of advancement from the summer solstice, injecting a strong impetus for our future. In Yixinfeng, we always believe that as long as we carry a burning dream in our hearts and persistently strive for it, we will be able to fully realize the value of our lives.


 As a company that aspires to become the top digital intelligence integrator in the new energy industry, Yixinfeng has always been steadfastly adhering to the philosophy of pragmatism, efficiency, innovation, professionalism and integrity. This philosophy is like a bright lighthouse, guiding us to move forward steadily in the waves of the business sea. We are well aware that the pursuit of excellence is not achieved overnight, but requires one step at a time, continuous accumulation and breakthrough.


 In terms of product research and development, we have invested a lot of human, material and financial resources to set up a professional research and development team to deeply understand the market demand and industry trends, and strive to launch innovative and competitive products. For example, our newly developed laser die-cutting, winding and flattening machine adopts advanced lug-cutting, winding and flattening technology, which solves the long-standing problems of dust, welding yields and heating of batteries at high rates of charging and discharging in the industry, and was highly praised by our customers as soon as it was launched.


Laser die-cutting winding and flattening integrated machine


Finished cells

 In terms of service, we have established a perfect customer service system centered on customers, from pre-sale consultation to after-sale tracking, to ensure that our customers can feel our professionalism and attentiveness in every step. Once a customer put forward a special customized demand for our products, our team responded quickly, and after many times of communication and modification, we finally provided the customer with a satisfactory solution, which won the customer's long-term trust.




 Yixinfeng perseveres in the pursuit of excellence and grows hand in hand with customers, employees and partners. We know that the development and growth of the enterprise can not be separated from the hard work and dedication of each member. Because of this, we have been committed to creating a positive, optimistic, united and collaborative work environment, so that everyone can give full play to their own talents, and then successfully realize their dreams.


 In the warm family of Yixinfeng, we strongly advocate innovation, collaboration and win-win situation. We inspire our team members to break through the routine, bold attempts, bold innovation, and continuously explore new areas and cutting-edge technology, only to be able to present customers with more high-quality and superior products and services.

At the same time, we attach great importance to teamwork, because we firmly believe that only by relying on the concerted efforts of all of us, we can successfully achieve the ambitious development goals of the enterprise. We once faced an urgent order task, all departments work closely together, R & D departments work overtime to optimize the technology, production departments go all out to ensure the production schedule, the sales department actively communicate and coordinate with the customer, and ultimately on time delivery of high-quality products, won the praise of the customer.


"All Hands on Deck" Production Delivery Award

 We always emphasize win-win situation, and we are looking forward to building a long-term solid and mutually beneficial relationship with our customers, employees and partners, and sharing the endless joy of success together. We have established long-term and stable cooperation with our suppliers to cope with market challenges such as fluctuations in raw material prices, and have achieved effective cost control and stable quality improvement.


 Yixinfeng's corporate culture is not just an empty idea, but a real action. We pay special attention to the training and development of our staff, carefully build a broad and boundless development space for our staff, and provide rich and varied promotion opportunities. We regularly organize internal training courses and invite industry experts to give lectures, and at the same time encourage our employees to participate in external training and learning exchange activities to enhance their professionalism and comprehensive ability.


 We pay close attention to the staff's living conditions and welfare treatment, for the staff to create a comfortable and pleasant working environment, to construct a perfect and comprehensive welfare protection system. The company has a staff restaurant, gym, lounge and other facilities, so that employees can get full relaxation and rest after work.

 We also actively and enthusiastically participate in social welfare undertakings, and strive to contribute to the society with our own strength. We organize our staff to participate in environmental protection activities, donate materials to poor areas, and subsidize poor students to complete their studies, so as to convey love and warmth with practical actions.


 The summer solstice has arrived, let's warmly welcome this splendid season of vitality, hand in hand, and make progress together. In the long journey ahead, Yixinfeng will, as always, adhere to the concept of "innovation, collaboration, win-win", never stop pursuing excellence, and carefully present customers with more high-quality, more distinctive products and services. We are convinced that under the concerted efforts of all staff, Yixinfeng will be able to realize its development goals as desired, rise proudly to become a leader in the industry, and write a brilliant chapter that belongs to us!