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Yixinfeng's European Tour: An Event of Innovation and Technology-copy


Yixinfeng's European Tour: An Event of Innovation and Technology-copy


In the wave of technology, Yixinfeng is going to embark on the journey of Battery Europe and EV Technology Show 2024, which is an excellent opportunity to showcase innovation and technology, and an important platform to communicate and cooperate with global industry leaders. We sincerely invite you to witness this wonderful moment together!

As the world's leading industry event, Battery Europe and EV Tech Europe bring together top companies, experts, scholars and innovators from all over the world. Here, the latest battery technologies, EV R&D achievements and sustainable energy solutions will be presented, contributing to the promotion of the global energy transition and the transformation of the transportation sector。


As a leader in the industry, Yixinfeng specializes in the research, development, production and sales of intelligent equipment, and the research, development and innovation of new energy battery technologies and processes. Our team constantly strives for excellence and takes the responsibility to provide more efficient, reliable and environmentally friendly energy solutions. With advanced technology and high quality products, Yixinfeng has won a good reputation in the market and established long-term cooperative relationships with many famous enterprises. In this exhibition, we will bring the latest products and technologies to show Yixinfeng's leading position and innovation in the battery field.


In addition to technological innovation, Yixinfeng also focuses on the improvement of product quality and service quality. The company has established a perfect quality management system, from the procurement of raw materials to product production, inspection, packaging, transportation and other aspects, are strictly in accordance with international standards for management, to ensure stable and reliable product quality. At the same time, Yixinfeng has also established a professional after-sales service team, which can respond to customer needs in a timely manner and provide customers with a full range of technical support and services.




During the exhibition, you will have the opportunity to experience Yixinfeng's latest technological achievements. Our exhibits will cover a wide range of fields such as battery materials, Li-ion battery process equipment, 3C, environmental protection, etc., demonstrating our breakthroughs and innovations in improving battery performance, prolonging battery service life, and reducing costs. In addition, we will have in-depth exchanges with other exhibitors to share experiences, explore cooperation opportunities and jointly promote the development of the industry.
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Besides displaying products and technologies, Yixinfeng will also actively participate in the activities of the exhibition. Actively exchange experience and technology with foreign enterprises, communicate face to face with customers and partners, understand their needs and feedback, and provide strong support for future development.



Battery Europe 2024 and EV Technology Show will be an event full of opportunities and challenges. Yixinfeng will show our strength and style with full enthusiasm and professional attitude. We believe that through this exhibition, we will further strengthen our connection with the international market, expand our business field, and make greater contribution to the global energy transition and sustainable development.


Once again, we sincerely invite you to witness the wonderful performance of Yixinfeng at Battery Europe and EV Technology Show 2024. Let's work together to create a bright future!