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Steel Rule Die Cutting Machine

Core Segment Product Series

Steel Rule Die Cutting Machine

Functional features:

Lithium battery anode and cathode sheet forming (intermittent coating or continuous coating can be).

Wide range of compatibility, fast change, low mold cost, cost-effective, there are 350/520/720 die cutting area.

Robot receiving material, high automation degree.


    Laser knife die cutting machine is a kind of equipment for knife die cutting by using laser technology. It combines the most cutting-edge technology and pushes the traditional cutting process to a whole new level.
    Laser knife die cutting machine, its working efficiency is several times that of the traditional cutting machine, and the cutting edge is smooth and highly accurate. Whether it's hard or soft materials, it can handle them with ease and ease. This is all thanks to its unique laser cutting technology, which can quickly and accurately complete a variety of complex cutting tasks.
    Not only that, the laser knife die cutting machine also has the advantage of environmental protection. Compared with the traditional cutting machine, it has no noise, no dust and no pollution, which makes our working environment more comfortable and healthier.
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    There are the following advantages:
    1. Simple design: there is no need for any depiction, just design directly on the computer.
    2. small error: laser knife die machine is fully automatic operation, no need for manual intervention, greatly reducing the error.
    3. High working efficiency: the laser knife mold machine is large format, non-contact, can run 24 hours a day, greatly improving the efficiency of work.
    4. High precision: the use of laser, precision machinery, computer control technology, a combination of die-cutting processing, as long as the parameters are input to the computer, the knife die machine will automatically move the laser for cutting operations after getting the instructions, to meet the die-cutting industry on the product of high-precision requirements.
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