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Laser die cutting and slitting machine

Core Segment Product Series

Laser die cutting and slitting machine

This equipment is mainly used for power lithium battery electrode sheet forming (continuous coating process). The main functions include automatic unwinding, correction, cutting, CCD size and defect detection, dust removal, cutting, CCD width detection, automatic winding and so on.

    Product description

    Laser die cutting and slitting integrated machine is an advanced equipment which combines laser technology and precise mechanical system, mainly used for cutting and slitting materials with high precision.
    Its core features and advantages:
    1. High-precision cutting: the equipment adopts laser technology for cutting with very high precision. The diameter of the laser beam is very small, which can be precisely focused on the target material, realizing micron-level cutting precision.
    2. High-efficiency slitting: In addition to the cutting function, the equipment can also perform high-efficiency slitting operation. Through the precise mechanical system and control system, the material is quickly cut into the specified width and the slitting speed is very fast.
    3. High degree of automation: the equipment adopts an automated control system, which can realize the functions of automatic feeding, automatic positioning, automatic cutting and slitting. This greatly improves the production efficiency and reduces the difficulty and error of manual operation.
    4. Wide range of application: the equipment is suitable for cutting and slitting a variety of materials, such as paper, plastics, metal films and so on. Different materials can be adapted by adjusting the laser parameters and mechanical system.
    5. Environmental protection and energy saving: the equipment adopts laser technology, which has lower energy consumption and generates less waste compared with traditional mechanical cutting. Meanwhile, the laser cutting process generates less heat and has less thermal impact on the material.

    Product dispaly

    • Laser die cutting and slitting machine1p0s
    • Laser die cutting and slitting machine23tj
    • Laser die cutting and slitting machine380a

    Equipment Overview

    Laser die cutting and slitting machine42qy

    Functional features

    High-speed laser cutting efficiency 60m/ min-200m /min, ear spacing accuracy ≤±0.2mm;
    Dust removal system and monitoring system in each area, to achieve the dust inside the equipment to reach 10,000 level standards;
    Laser frequency conversion control, avoid over-cutting or continuous cutting, effectively control burr and heat affected zone bead size, integrated design, site and labor costs reduced 3~5 times.