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Die-cutting and laminating machine

Core Segment Product Series

Die-cutting and laminating machine

Functional features

One-time multi-piece stack, single stack can achieve 300 PPM, less turnover times, high efficiency, pole piece damage reduction, integrated design, site, labor costs reduced 3~5 times.

The pole size is large, the maximum can be 1000*500mm

    Product parameters

    1. Laser die-cutting: The equipment uses laser technology to cut the edge foils of positive and negative lithium battery electrode sheets into the shape of lugs. Laser die-cutting has the advantages of high precision, high speed and high efficiency, which can ensure that the size and shape of each pole piece meet the process requirements.
    2. Slitting process: After laser die-cutting, the equipment will carry out the slitting process to slit the cut pole piece from the center and split it into two. This step ensures that the size and shape of the pole piece meets the requirements of subsequent processes.
    3. Automatic Stacking: After laser die cutting and slitting, the machine automatically performs the stacking process. Through the precise positioning and control system, multiple poles are stacked together in a set order and position to form a stacked core.
    4. Efficient production: The laser die-cutting and stacking machine realizes continuous production from material cutting to finished product stacking by means of automatic and intelligent control system. This not only greatly improves the production efficiency, but also reduces manual intervention and errors, and improves product quality.
    5. Easy to operate and maintain: The equipment is equipped with an intelligent operating system and fault diagnosis system, which makes operation and maintenance easier and more convenient. Users can easily set and adjust the process parameters through the operation interface, while the equipment will automatically carry out troubleshooting and alarm prompts, so as to facilitate users to solve problems in time.

    The laser die-cutting and stacking machine is one of the indispensable and important equipments in the production process of lithium battery. It combines laser die-cutting, slitting and automatic stacking and other functions in one, realizing a highly efficient, accurate and automated production process. At the same time, its intelligent operating system and fault diagnosis system also make the operation and maintenance become more simple and convenient.

    Product dispaly

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    Equipment Overview

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