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Yixinfeng's First Battery Exhibition in Europe, Stuttgart, Germany, Started the "6.18" Exotic Journey Battle

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Yixinfeng's First Battery Exhibition in Europe, Stuttgart, Germany, Started the "6.18" Exotic Journey Battle


On June 18, 2024, Yixinfeng will debut at Battery Europe. This is a high-profile international event that attracts many companies and professionals in the battery industry around the world. As a leading enterprise in China's battery equipment manufacturing field, Yixin Feng will display its latest technology and products in Stuttgart, Germany, and show the strength and style of China's battery industry to the world.



Yixinfeng has been committed to the development and production of high-performance, high-quality battery equipment, its products are widely used in new energy lithium batteries, new energy vehicles, energy storage and other fields. In this exhibition, Yixinfeng will display a variety of self-developed battery equipment, technology, process and complete line solutions. These equipments are characterized by high efficiency, stability and intelligence, which can improve the efficiency and quality of battery production, reduce the production cost and meet the needs of different customers.



In addition, Yixinfeng will also showcase its latest research results in the fields of battery materials and battery recycling, contributing Chinese wisdom to the development of the global battery industry.



Yixinfeng's internationalization strategy is one of the important initiatives for its development. In addition to displaying its products, Yixinfeng will also have in-depth communication with international customers at the exhibition to understand their needs and market trends. Through the cooperation with international customers, Yixinfeng will continue to improve the competitiveness and market share of its products and contribute to the development of the global new energy industry. At the same time, Yixinfeng will also strengthen the exchange and cooperation with international counterparts, learn from international advanced technology and management experience, and continuously improve its own technical level and innovation ability.


In order to let more people know about the exhibition, Mr. Wu Songyan, the founder of Yixinfeng, will personally live broadcast the whole process and present this grand event for you on the spot. This is not only an important moment for Yixinfeng, but also an important milestone for China's new energy enterprises to go global.


The audience can watch the real-time screen of the exhibition through the live broadcast platform, learn about Yixinfeng's products and technologies, and interact with Mr. Wu Songyan. This is not only an opportunity to show the strength of the company, but also a platform to communicate with global customers and partners.


Yixinfeng's participation in this exhibition signifies the increasing competitiveness of Chinese battery equipment manufacturing enterprises in the international market. With the rapid development of the global new energy vehicle market, the prospect of the battery industry is very broad. Yixinfeng will continue to increase investment in R&D, constantly improve product quality and technology level, and provide better products and services for global customers.


And this European Battery Exhibition is also an important milestone for Yixinfeng. Through this exhibition, Yixinfeng not only showed its strength and elegance, but also had in-depth communication and cooperation with international counterparts. Yixinfeng will take this exhibition as an opportunity to continuously strengthen the technological innovation and market expansion, and provide better products and services for the development of global new energy industry.


It is believed that under the leadership of Mr. Wu Songyan, Yixinfeng will shine more brightly on the international stage! It is believed that under the efforts of Yixinfeng, China's battery industry will achieve even better results in the international market, and make greater contributions to promoting the development of the global new energy automobile industry.


Let's look forward to the wonderful performance of Yixinfeng in the European Battery Exhibition and cheer for the "6.18" foreign journey!