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One-Click Model Change: Yixinfeng Leads the Way with the 'Smart Manufacturing brain' in Lithium Battery Die-Cutting and Slicing

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One-Click Model Change: Yixinfeng Leads the Way with the 'Smart Manufacturing brain' in Lithium Battery Die-Cutting and Slicing

2024-02-22 15:23:20

When it comes to lithium batteries, many people think of electric vehicles. As the power source for the endurance of electric vehicles, the importance of batteries is evident.
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Slurry mixing, coating, roll pressing, die cutting, stacking, and assembly are essential processes each battery must undergo before entering the market. In today's era of mechanical intelligence and smart manufacturing, countless lithium battery smart manufacturing equipment replace manual labor. These machines function like a 'smart manufacturing brain,' aiding in improving the quality and reducing the cost of battery production.
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In Yixinfeng's production workshop, the integrated die-cutting and stacking machine operates rapidly, with the sound of cutting echoing continuously. One can see numerous energy storage power battery cells being 'ejected' from the integrated machine. After assembly, these will be sent to the production base for electric vehicles, thereby powering the range of electric cars.
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▲Inside Yixinfeng's production workshop, workers are busily operating machines. 
With the integrated equipment's 'one-click model change' feature
The production of lithium batteries is inseparable from its 'mother', the integrated equipment. Therefore, looking up the production chain, the production and operation of integrated equipment directly affect the quality of the entire lithium battery.
Intermediate processes such as slitting, die-cutting, stacking, and winding are indispensable, and none can be taken lightly, as they carry the critical mission of ensuring the range and quality of power lithium 
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In Yixinfeng's production workshop, there is a large piece of equipment – the Laser Die-Cutting Winding Flattening Integrated Machine (Large Cylinder). This flexible die-cutting machine can produce various battery models with a single set of molds. It is easy to operate and supports 'one-click model change'.

For instance, using traditional metal die-cutting machines, each model of sample would require a different set of molds, with each set costing about 100,000 yuan. However, with the flexible die-cutting machine, hundreds of samples can be produced with just this one set of molds, saving time, effort, and money.

Moreover, you only need to input the dimensions into the computer and press the 'one-click model change' button to start production. 'It's like a ‘smart brain’, operating in real-time linkage,' says Wu Songyan, the Chairman of the company.
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Market Strategy: Integrated Equipment 'Accelerated Upgrading'
Although the equipment features 'one-click model change', there are still many pain points in the industry. Issues such as large burrs in die-cutting and slicing, low efficiency, incomplete dust removal, and poor consistency are prevalent.

For example, in the production process of lithium batteries, the burrs and precision of electrode sheets are required to be within ±0.05μm, and the cleanliness of the equipment's internal environment must meet the Class 10,000 standard.

How can the 'smart brain' be made smarter? Yixinfeng found the answer through persistent research and development. With 30% of its staff in R&D and support from a team of Ph.D. researchers, numerous experiments were conducted...

After upgrading the Laser Die-Cutting Winding Flattening Integrated Machine (Large Cylinder), this equipment can now cut materials into plum blossom shapes before winding and flattening. Laser cutting increases operational efficiency by 1-3 times. Integrating laser die-cutting with winding functions enhances the machine's process capabilities, reduces material waste, and ensures more uniform distribution of the electrolyte, thereby extending battery life
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More importantly, the equipment has a high quality rate, the yield rate of the electric core is as high as 100%, which solves the bottleneck problem of mass production of cylindrical batteries, or will bring a leap in the development of cylindrical batteries, and the above industry pains will be solved.
The lithium battery produced by this equipment is welcomed by the domestic head of new energy automobile enterprises, which is sufficient to prove the importance of integrated equipment innovation.

Breakout, integrated equipment "continuous innovation"
From a market perspective, in the nearly ten years of lithium battery development, there has been a transition in lithium battery production equipment from 'imported' to 'domestically produced'. During this period, many distinctive lithium battery equipment manufacturers like Yixinfeng have emerged.

In terms of specialized areas, lithium battery equipment is also transitioning from individual machine designs to integrated whole-line solutions. In the field of die-cutting and slitting equipment, Yixinfeng has already achieved an upgrade in integrated equipment 
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However, beneath the calm surface, there might be undercurrents flowing. Data shows that recently, the inventory warning index for downstream new energy vehicles was at 58.6%, and there has been a slowdown in sales growth. Compared to the beginning of 2023, the price of power batteries has significantly decreased.

As the market becomes increasingly competitive, how to find a path suitable for their own development is a question that many lithium battery equipment companies must consider. On one hand, the normal state of market operation is characterized by increased yield and decreased costs through the collaborative efforts of the entire lithium battery industry chain. On the other hand, continuously innovating the technology of production equipment is an essential step forward.

Currently, Yixinfeng's core products that are exploring new frontiers include a 60-80 meters per minute laser die-cutting slitting integrated machine, a 60-80 meters per minute metal die-cutting slitting integrated machine, a 250-280 ppm laser cutting tab cutting integrated machine, and a 280-300 PPM die-cutting slitting integrated machine. These technologies are at the forefront both domestically and internationally.

In plain terms, there are no shortcuts, only continuous innovation. Yixinfeng has already been involved in the production line construction of overseas companies such as Amprius Technologies in the United States and American Lithium Energy Corporation. 'We join forces with equipment suppliers from the front, middle, and back stages of lithium battery production to achieve entire line outputs. '