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"One centimeter width" to achieve "ten thousand meters" depth Chairman Wu Songyan and the development path of die-cutting equipment

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"One centimeter width" to achieve "ten thousand meters" depth Chairman Wu Songyan and the development path of die-cutting equipment

2024-03-25 14:09:29
Over the past 40 years of reform and opening up, Dongguan has started with "three sources and one supplement", gradually building its influence as a "Made in Dongguan" and deeply participating in international division of labor. It is in this soil that Dongguan's equipment industry is rapidly rising.
The pillar industry of equipment manufacturing has nurtured a large number of specialized, refined, and innovative small giant enterprises.
In 2000, Mr. Wu Songyan, a native of Henan, founded Yixinfeng in Dongguan.

At first, the company mainly engaged in the production and manufacturing of label machines. By chance, it received an order for a lithium battery die-cutting machine. With the idea of giving it a try, he began to venture into the production of lithium battery equipment. After discovering that this is a promising industry, I had the idea of delving deeper into the die-cutting machine industry. It is precisely this idea that inspired Yixinfeng to embark on the development path of intelligent manufacturing of die-cutting equipment, and also added a specialized and innovative "little giant" enterprise to Dongguan from then on.
Adhere to the path of innovation, with the craftsman spirit of creating a "ten thousand meter depth" on a "one centimeter width", build a moat of our own technological advantages, and move from a small enterprise to a "little giant" enterprise. Become a top digital equipment integrator in the new energy industry, help battery manufacturing enterprises build digital future unmanned factories, and help China's new energy products embrace a green and inclusive world! This is the vision of the company and also the wish of Chairman Wu Songyan. Only by being specialized, refined, constantly innovating, and doing better than others can we develop better, go out of China, and go global.
"In the past five months, our shipment volume has exceeded last year." In a media interview in May this year, Chairman Wu Songyan revealed that Yixinfeng's orders have doubled compared to last year's sales. Although fluctuations in raw material prices have had a significant impact, he still has great confidence in achieving a breakthrough in performance this year.
Based in China, expanding into the global market is the wish of Chairman Wu Songyan and also the goal of Yixinfeng's development.

At present, Yixinfeng has participated in the construction of production lines for overseas enterprises such as Amperes and American Lithium Energy Company in the United States. "We collaborate with equipment suppliers in the front, middle, and back stages of lithium battery production to achieve full line output, and even achieve faster response and better service than top enterprises." Chairman Wu Songyan believes that this is Yixinfeng's advantage and one of the reasons for the company's rapid development.
To achieve a width of one centimeter to a depth of ten thousand meters, thereby expanding the breadth of the global market. This is Chairman Wu Songyan's craftsmanship belief, a true portrayal of the development of Yixinfeng Enterprise, and a common goal of many small and innovative "little giant" enterprises in Dongguan's equipment industry. I believe that under the leadership and guidance of Chairman Wu Songyan, there will be a place for Yixinfeng in the future world new energy intelligent manufacturing equipment market.