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Multifunctional devices beyond imagination

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Multifunctional devices beyond imagination


In the era of rapid technological development nowadays, various advanced devices keep emerging, bringing unprecedented opportunities and challenges to various industries. In the field of battery manufacturing, the Yixin Feng Laser Die-cutting, Winding and Flattening Integrated Machine has become a leader in the industry with its outstanding performance and innovative design.


This device combines the functions of laser cutting, winding and flattening at the same time, and can realize various tab tests. It can be imported with one click and the model can be changed quickly. Its emergence has completely changed the limitations of traditional battery manufacturing equipment and provided an efficient, accurate and reliable solution for battery production enterprises.


  1. Powerful functions, all-inclusive


  • Laser cutting: Adopting advanced laser cutting technology, it can quickly and accurately cut various shapes and sizes of tabs, ensuring the quality and accuracy of the tabs. 2. Winding: With high-precision winding function, it can tightly wind the electrode sheets into battery cores, improving the energy density and cycle life of the batteries. 3. Flattening: The unique flattening mechanism can flatten the wound battery cores to ensure the flatness and consistency of the battery cores, and improve the performance and safety of the batteries. 4. Various tab tests: It supports various tab tests, such as resistance test, tensile test, and welding strength test, etc., which can comprehensively evaluate the quality and performance of the tabs.
  1. One-click import, quick model change


  1. Simple operation: The equipment adopts an intelligent control system, which is simple and easy to understand. It can be easily operated without professional technicians. 2. One-click import: Just import the battery design drawing with one click into the equipment, and the equipment can automatically complete the tab cutting, winding, flattening and other work, greatly improving the production efficiency. 3. Quick model change: The model change speed of the equipment is very fast. Just replace the molds and cutting tools, and the production of different types of batteries can be realized to meet the diverse needs of customers.
  2. Wide compatibility to meet various needs


  1. Fully compatible from No. 18 to No. 46: The equipment is compatible with various specifications of batteries from No. 18 to No. 46, which can meet the needs of different customers. 2. Experimental line, pilot line, and pilot-scale production line: The equipment is not only suitable for large-scale production, but also for different stages of research and development and production such as experimental line, pilot line, and pilot-scale production line, providing customers with all-round solutions.
  2. Excellent quality, trustworthy


  1. High-quality materials: The equipment adopts high-quality materials and components, and undergoes strict quality inspection and testing to ensure the stability and reliability of the equipment.
  2. Advanced technology: Adopting advanced production processes and manufacturing techniques to ensure the accuracy and quality of the equipment.
  3. Perfect service: Providing perfect pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale services, and providing customers with all-round technical support and training to ensure that customers can use the equipment smoothly.


In conclusion, the Yixin Feng Laser Die-cutting, Winding and Flattening Integrated Machine is a powerful, simple to operate, wide in compatibility and excellent in quality multifunctional device. Its emergence has brought new opportunities and challenges to the battery manufacturing industry. If you are looking for an efficient, accurate and reliable battery manufacturing device, then the Yixin Feng Laser Die-cutting, Winding and Flattening Integrated Machine is definitely your best choice.