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"Innovation is the Only Way to Win the Future in the New Energy Industry" - Wu Songyan, Chairman of Yixinfeng, on the Development Path of the New Energy Industry

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"Innovation is the Only Way to Win the Future in the New Energy Industry" - Wu Songyan, Chairman of Yixinfeng, on the Development Path of the New Energy Industry

2024-02-22 15:23:20

From December 4th to 7th, the 10th China (Shenzhen) International Summit Forum on Battery New Energy Industry was held in Shenzhen, Guangdong. More than 600 guests from home and abroad attended the entire industry chain of battery new energy upstream, midstream, and downstream, focusing on hot topics such as segmented markets, new materials, and new technologies in the battery new energy industry. Yixinfeng, as an excellent supplier of new energy battery equipment, was also invited to attend the meeting. Chairman Wu Songyan and relevant personnel attended the meeting.
The forum focuses on technological innovation, market development, policies and regulations, and environmental sustainability in the battery new energy industry. The attendees engaged in in-depth discussions around these issues and jointly promoted the development of the industry.
In Yixinfeng's production workshop, the integrated die-cutting and stacking machine operates rapidly, with the sound of cutting echoing continuously. One can see numerous energy storage power battery cells being 'ejected' from the integrated machine. After assembly, these will be sent to the production base for electric vehicles, thereby powering the range of electric cars.
Yu Qingjiao, Secretary General of the Zhongguancun New Battery Technology Innovation Alliance, stated that in the past decade, China's battery new energy industry has developed rapidly: from 2015 to 2022, China's new energy vehicle production and sales have been the world's top for eight consecutive years. In 2022, the total output value of China's lithium battery industry exceeded the trillion yuan mark, reaching 1.2 trillion yuan. From January to October this year, China's lithium battery shipments accounted for nearly 70% of the global total. China has already achieved a leading position in the field of new energy batteries, and the track is becoming wider and longer; The new energy vehicle industry has led the world, and the existing lithium battery technology is relatively mature. The technology routes and products of fuel cells, sodium batteries, solid-state batteries, etc. are accelerating the promotion of market-oriented applications.
Opportunities are only reserved for those who are prepared, for those who have the ability to innovate. Only through innovation can we survive in an environment of internal competition. In homogeneous competition, without differentiation in their products, manufacturers can only compete through methods such as price reduction and marketing, leading to increasingly severe internal competition. They seem to have overlooked an important issue, which is that rarity is precious. High end products are always scarce in the market. In addition, there are pain points in the industry such as poor consistency and high defect rates. Due to the different battery models of various manufacturers, there are significant differences in equipment requirements for cylindrical, soft pack, square shell and other batteries. Many manufacturers operate beyond their own capabilities, and the production process is complex and complicated, making it difficult to control quality. In addition, complex equipment and production processes can also exacerbate safety hazards in factories. Batteries produced at high costs and high energy consumption have to be sold at low prices, which many companies cannot afford.

The only way to make good equipment and battery products is through innovation. Innovation is not the power of one company or a single link, but rather the collaborative operation of the entire lithium battery industry upstream and downstream, with increased yield and reduced costs, which is the normal state of market operation.
To this end, Chairman Wu Songyan also proposed "three strategies for improving quality and reducing costs" to share with everyone.
1. Equipment innovation. Develop a new generation of high-efficiency battery manufacturing equipment, continuously deepen the deep integration of battery manufacturing and equipment manufacturing, boldly try to develop new processes and equipment, and help the battery industry improve quality and reduce costs.
2. Improve quality and efficiency. Optimize production equipment, improve production efficiency, enhance product consistency, and increase yield.
3. Energy conservation and cost reduction. The new generation of production equipment reduces costs and increases efficiency, reduces fixed asset investment, reduces production costs and energy consumption, enhances the intelligence and automation level of production lines, and reduces dependence on talent and skills.

Yixinfeng has always adhered to the development strategy of Chairman Wu Songyan, continuously reforming and innovating to improve its own strength. Currently, it has applied for 186 patents, obtained 48 invention patents, and even won the National Excellent Invention Patent Award. Recently, it has also been approved as a doctoral workstation in Guangdong Province.
Only science and innovation can win the new energy race, and only by improving quality and reducing costs can we go further. Chairman Wu Songyan believes that Yixinfeng people also believe in it.

It is with such a belief that Yixinfeng people constantly innovate and research and develop new equipment, overcome difficulties, promote the development of the company, and drive the development process of the new energy industry. To improve the quality and reduce costs of new energy manufacturing, continuously innovate, become equipment manufacturers who better understand battery technology, help battery manufacturing enterprises build digital future unmanned factories, and help China's new energy products embrace a green world.

The new products and equipment developed by Yixinfeng are quite eye-catching:
Laser die-cutting, winding and folding pole ear all-in-one machine (large cylinder)
This device has many technological innovations, which can cut materials into plum blossom shapes and then roll and flatten them. Through laser cutting, the work efficiency is increased by 1-3 times. It integrates laser die-cutting and winding functions, improves the equipment's process capability, reduces material waste, and distributes the electrolyte more evenly, making the battery life longer. More importantly, the equipment has a high yield rate, with a cell yield rate of up to 100%, which solves the bottleneck problem of mass production of cylindrical batteries and may bring about a leap in the development of cylindrical batteries.
Die cutting and laminating all-in-one machine
This device can achieve one-time multiple stacking, and a single stacking unit can achieve 300 ppm. It has fewer turnover times, high efficiency, and minimal damage to the electrode, greatly improving the yield rate of equipment products. Integrated design saves labor and venue costs, greatly reducing investment costs.
Collaborative blasting nanomaterial disperser
The world's first research and development technology, the product is used for conductive paste, which saves 70% energy compared to traditional equipment and has twice the effectiveness. Perfectly replacing sand mills and homogenizers in fields such as biochemical pharmaceuticals, nanomaterial dispersion, electronic material dispersion, 3D printing material preparation, and fine chemical engineering of new energy materials nanomaterials. five μ The graphite particles were blasted and peeled off to below 3nm after 90 minutes of combined force. The effect is very good, without fragments, broken pipes, and aggregation after dispersion, with very good consistency. At present, multiple customers have tested and made samples, and the results have been very good.