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Battery hot press (cold press, hot press)

Core Segment Product Series

Battery hot press (cold press, hot press)

Functional features:

Z axis has anti - collision function, and alarm prompt, flexible induction.

The hot press adopts four vertical up and down pressing mode, each layer is equipped with pressure sensor, the range of pressure and set value deviation ≤±5%, with overpressure alarm shutdown function.

Hot pressing, heating pressing plate are special coating treatment, hot pressing process is not stick to the plate.


    Core hot press is a kind of equipment specialized in lithium-ion battery core hot press shaping. Its main purpose is to improve the flatness of the core, so that the thickness of the core meets the requirements and has high consistency, and at the same time to eliminate the diaphragm wrinkles, drive out the internal air of the core, so that the diaphragm and the positive and negative pole pieces are tightly affixed together. This can shorten the lithium ion diffusion distance and reduce the internal resistance of the battery, thus improving the performance and life of the battery.

    The functions of the hot press for battery cells include: incoming material scanning, automatic loading of A/B cells, hot pressing, Hi-pot testing and rejecting of defective products. The equipment mainly consists of core loading and unloading module, inspection module, hot press module and so on. Among them, the upper and lower shifting module through the synchronous belt servo module, double belt drive, etc., to achieve smooth feeding and unloading action; clamping jaws lifting the use of screw cylinder lifting; pitch mechanism using servo-driven linkage mechanism, to achieve synchronous pitch, servo can control the clamping jaws isometric dimensions, so that the hot press in different working positions panning module synchronized feeding and unloading.

    Core hot press is one of the indispensable equipments in the production process of lithium-ion battery, which can effectively improve the quality and performance of the core, thus improving the performance and life of the whole battery.
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